Kawasaki Z900 RestoMad

Kawasaki Z900 RestoMad

We had one job with this totally molested Kawasaki Z900... that was to bring her back to life as she lived in the early 80s...not a resto-mod but an absolute resto-Mad!

Two brothers owned this baby from new and as life sometimes does... it got in the way. Kids appeared, then in the blink of an eye, there were grandkinds and suddenly the idea of riding and restoring bikes took a back seat.

Back in the day a cool two-tone paint job was the way to go, but that was a long, long time ago!

At some point, life's equalibrium of life returns, and that old bike in the shed becomes the focus once again. 

For Oliver, a talented man in his own right, his efforts had turned to building houses for his near and dear however he needed a love of his own. 

He arrived with this oul Zed. It was all there, but hadn't turned a wheel in almost 30 years, so it was complete but old! It was clear that Oliver didnt want a restoration. "My brother and I had this bike in the 80s, it was great and I would like to bring it back to life, but as we had it"

JMC swingarm, GSXR front end, this Zed was already sorted. Anyone who rode them in the 80s will remember how they flexed like Ronnie Coleman! however a tight front end and a rigid rear made them beautiful to ride.

We set about bringing this beauty back to life.

Lots of work, a few sourced parts and a stunning paint-job and the Zed was leader of the pack once again.

I had forgot how nice they were to ride, especially with the upgraded front and rear end. This made them more 'modern' but still retained the original classic looks. We finished the bike in the classic Kawasaki colours and everywhere she goes, she turns heads. Folk cant decide if she is a modern bike built to look old, or an old bike built to look modern. Truth be told, we really dont know ourselves. 

What we all agree is, this is one stunning Zed that enjoys the best of both worlds. Classic looks and modern handling... Whats not to love

Lovely to ride, and eye-watteringly gorgeous, this yoke turns heads wherever it goes.


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